Morris Levin & Son Contracting Partners with Bradford White

Bradford White logoWhen it comes to water heaters, Bradford White leads the pack, as far as we’re concerned. They offer a full line of water heaters, from Value models to super High Efficiency heaters that boast over 90% heat capture. In fact, some of their models are so efficient that they can be vented with plastic pipe – we kid you not!

Offered in both Residential and Commercial configurations, the F-Series and eF-Series come in a variety of capacities and and recovery capabilities to meet pretty much any requirement. And their Low-NOx models are completely compliant with California’s strict air quality standards.

Morris Levin & Son has been in business 83 years. We’ve been around that long because we stand behind the product we sell. That means we carefully choose which products we’re going to carry. Bradford White isn’t the only Water Heater manufacturer we sell, but they’re generally our favorite.

An now through the end of March, we’ll give you 10% off Installation Labor if you mention that you saw this on our website. Just that simple!

And of course, our 1-Year Warranty on Labor still applies.

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