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Tankless Water Heaters

Never think about your hot water needs again:

Innovative technology provides an endless supply of hot water whenever and wherever it’s needed – even for simultaneous uses at multiple fixtures. Showers and baths? Absolutely. Laundry and dishes? No problem. Prioritizing activities and scheduling hot water use is a thing of the past.

Tankless Water Heaters require periodic maintenance.

Over time, a Tankless Water Heater can accumulate minerals and hard-water lime scaling that builds up inside the heating chamber. Even a light coating of this scale can have a significant impact on the efficiency of the water heater and lead to longer burn cycles  – putting a strain the unit and leading to premature and costly repairs.

To properly maintain and clean your Tankless Water Heater, it must be flushed with a de-scaling agent. Manufacturers recommend this service to be done annually to save on costly repairs in the future.

Morris Levin & Son provides a Tankless Water Heater Annual Service that includes de-scaling and flushing your heater – maintenance that helps prevent costly repairs. We use an organic de-scaling compound that’s easy on the environment.

And after all, isn’t saving money while going green the whole reason you got a Tankless Water Heater in the first place?





Since 1934, MLS has provided our customers with the finest in plumbing services. MLS has kept pace with the industry as it has grown and modernized over the years.

Our plumbing professionals take pride in every job, from installation of complete dairy hot water systems to common household plumbing repairs.

Morris Levin & Son Septic Pumping Truck


Rural residents and municipalities as well as commercial and agricultural customers have come to depend on MLS Underground Plumbing Services.

MLS can handle any size job – from inspecting and certifying a septic tank to installing an industrial drainage system.

A unique service is the MLS high-velocity sewer flushing machine which forces water at 2,000 psi and 35 gallons per minute through any agricultural, industrial or municipal sewer line blockage.

Flush Systems

Septic Tanks

Supply Lines

Drainage Systems

Irrigation Lines

Concrete Cutting

Backflow Valves

Leach, Sewer & Drain Lines

Water & Gas Lines

High Pressure Drain Cleaning

Under Road Boring

If you have any questions, please email, or just give us a call at our Contracting Services Department:  (559) 686-8561.

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