For one low fee on all Heaters or Furnaces*

  • Inspect your heater for potential leaks of dangerous fumes
  • System efficiency check (“Delta-T”)
  • Inspect and, if necessary, replace your filters
  • Inspect and test all safety limits
  • Inspect and check amp draw on blower motor

Optional Services Available:

  • Test the Carbon Monoxide levels in your home – by a California Certified technician
  • Whole-house duct cleaning to remove Mold and Dust that you can’t see deep in the duct-work
  • Complete Pressure Check of your ducting, and repair of leaks to save you money all year long
  • Comprehensive repair and adjustment of all major brands of Heating and Air Conditioning Systems.

*Includes all labor normally required to perform the listed inspections, simple adjustments and consumable-item replacements. Labor not included for repairs involving non-consumable part replacements unless expressly listed above.